Delicious Yet Simple Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl

Never tried an acai berry smoothie bowl or simply want to make a quick and  easy one no matter which you’ll love this simple acai berry bowl recipe.

For many who’ve never tried a smoothie bowl you might be thinking “what’s the fuss about? It’s just a smoothie but in a bowl” well it’s odd that such a simple change can create something so… well yummy! Making up essentially what is a smoothie and putting it in a bowl makes you eat it slower, chew and appreciate all the flavours, oh and best of it it lets you add loads of toppings!

Quick and Easy 2 Minute Acai Bowl

Top tip: You’ll find a powerul blender a god send if you’re making these on a regular basis, as they are thicker than your traditional smoothie something less powerful may have a hard time making it as smooth as you want.

Whether you’ve made a simple Acai berry smoothie bowl or a complex one be sure to take a photo and upload it to Instagram tagging us @wholelycom in it and we’ll feature the best ones!

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