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Acai Berry
Acai Berry Bowl
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Acai Berry


Nicknamed the super fruit of the Amazon these small deep purple berries are found in the Amazon rainforest where they’re handpicked, pulped then quickly frozen to make a fine powder it’s a fantastic superfood to put in smoothies, acai berry bowls & more. 

  • Organic 100% Pure Acai Berry Powder
  • Sourced from the Amazon rainforest, Brazil
  • 30+ servings

Organic Acai Berry Powder

Dubbed the miracle berry it can help give you a boost in life from it giving you that added bounce in the morning, helping defend your body against what the world has to throw at it or simply to make your skin glow.

We source it directly from the world’s most famous Rainforest the Amazon in Brazil it’s pulped, freeze dried and turned into the powder so you get all the nutrient rich benefits as if you’ve just picked it off the tree yourself.

With a taste which is often described as a mix between wild berries and dark chocolate our powder is fantastic to add to your smoothies, to make yummy acai berry bowls with or to add to juices, in food or however else you can think of enjoying it.

  • Nutrient dense super berry
  • Each pouch has 30+ servings
  • Organic & sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil


With one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) which translates to how well the antioxidants can neutralise free radicals in our body it rightly deserves it’s title, in fact it has double the antioxidants of blueberries.


The antioxidants can help keep a healthy cardiovascular system  and can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, they are also high in vitamins and fibre which help your digestive system.


A good source of amino acids they can help give you energy, improve muscle performance, strength and stamina, it’s also a great source of calcium, magnesium, cooper and zinc. 

When and How To Take Acai Berry Powder

So you’ve got your hands on a pouch of our organic acai berry powder but are not sure what to do next, we’ve got some instructions on the back but if you’re reading this we’ll let you know here too. 

The best way to enjoy it is to mix it into a smoothie, however we know you might not always have time for this so simply mixing 1-2 tsp of acai berry powder in with water or juice is a simple, quick and easy way to enjoy all of the benefits. 

One of the most popular ways of enjoying it is to make an acai berry smoothie bowl, these are much like the name suggests which is a slightly thicker smoothie in a bowl with a range of toppings. We’ve got a range of recipes for you to check out below if you need some inspiration. 


About our Acai Berry

One of natures true super fruits the acai berry is found in the South American rain forest known as the Amazon, it grows on tall trees and as one of the characteristics of the berry is low sugar it means that it must be pulped and frozen as soon as possible to preserve it. Unfortunately you can’t wait an hour or longer as it will go off (this is a reason you don’t see them available to buy fresh).


So once picked the acai berries are pulped, then freeze dried and turned into the deep dark purple powder that you’ll see in our product, it’s certified organic by the soil association and we don’t add or remove anything from it so you can enjoy 100% pure acai berry powder and all the benefits you’ll get from it. 

Acai Berry

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It’s renown as the healthiest berry and one of the miracle foods found on earth, containing low levels of sugar but a great levels of iron, calcium, vitamins and fibre that certainly deserve their title. Found only in the rainforests of the Amazon it’s an fruit which is rich is antioxidants which may be able to help fight against health issues as well as having many other benefits 12 of which are below.

1. Healthy Heart

Studies as well as research have shown that the high levels of anthocyanins which are an antioxidant found in the Acai berry have been shown to help lower cholesterol in the blood, it’s also been found that the high levels of plant sterols can help protect our cells by reducing the chances of blood clots and improving the blood circulation.

2. Weight Loss

A study by the national institute of aging from that the acai berry pulp had the ability to reduce the effects of a high fat diet

3. Boost Your Immune System

With high levels of Vitamins you can feel all the benefits when consuming acai berry powder on a regular basis, it can help to bolster up your own natural immune defences. A study by the University of Rio de Janeiro found that consuming acai can help fight harmful organisms in your body.

4. Healthier Skin & Anti Aging Properties

Who doesn’t want to have younger, smoother and healthier looking skin, with our acai berry it may help to contribute to slowing down the aging process that are caused by oxidative damage as the natural plant phytochemicals (known to me and you as Antioxidants) can help slow or even reverse these processes.
Brazilians have been consuming acai berries for as long as you can remember due to all the benefits including the healthier looking skin.

5. Energy Boosting

All of the benefits of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that acai has means you’ll feel an overall increase in your energy, this can lead to you feeling less tired and having more stamina when you need it. Don’t forget to see the best results maintain a regular consumption of these super foods much like you’d do with your fruit intake.

6. Improve Digestion

When you hear someone say they’ve gone on a detox often acai berries are one of the go to superfoods they will make sure they have as it has natural detoxing attributes and has been used by many to detox. It’s also a good source of fibre which can help aid your digestion.

7. Cell Protection

The anthocyanins that are in these berries can help protect your cells from free radicals, keeping them strong and protected.

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