27 Surprising Uses For Coconut Oil

If you’re still using vegetable or olive oil when cooking you should be asking yourself why you’ve not tried coconut oil yet, you may simply prefer it but there are an array of other uses for coconut oil which makes it a staple item you should have in your cupboards.

Why is there such much fuss around coconut oil? Well it’s mainly down to MCT, which stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, this is a type of fat which your liver is able to metabolise quickly so as soon as you have some it’ll be ready to be used as energy, not only this but it’s quicker for you to burn and also your body is less likely to store as much of it. 

So you know the benefits but I bet you’re just thinking, sure I might use it when cooking but stop right there, below are 27 surprising ways you can use coconut oil in your life!

1. Have it on Toast

Okay I know you’re thinking “oil on toast!?” well it works, it’s like having butter or a slightly sweet jam on your toast except it’s got all the benefits of MCT

2. On your face…as a moisturiser

The natural properties of coconut oil mean it’s a fantastic natural moistuirer, simply take a little and rub in circular motion into your skin.

3. In your smoothie!

Want some of those good fats ? Well a tablespoon in your favourite smoothie can add them and a nice sweet touch too.

4. On that sore throat

If you’re suffering from a sore throat then try adding a teaspoon of coconut oil into your favourite tea, it’ll work just like the old honey and lemon remedy. 

5. Teeth whitening

Known as oil pulling it can be used to make your teeth whiter, it’ll also give your mouth a nice clean and can help to stop bad breath. There are plenty of how to’s online with good advice and best practice. 

6. As a lip balm

Suffering from dry lips, simply apply some to your lips and they’ll be protected, moisturised and soft!

7. As a hair conditioner

Want to have silky smooth healthy looking hair? Try rubbing some coconut oil into your hair and leave it for around 10 minutes, then shower it out and you should feel and see the difference. 

8. To exfoliate

Make yourself a DIY body scrub by mixing 120 grams (1/2 cup) of coconut oil with (3/4 cup) of sea salt or brown sugar , you’ll have a great exfoliating paste ready to rub on your skin. If it’s too coarse for you then try a different ratio of oil to salt/sugar.

9. Stop bug bites

There really is nothing quite as annoying as bug bites, whether it’s mosquitoes, bed bug or any other insect, so if you are suffering from these try rubbing coconut oil on the areas you’re getting bitten or want to protect and the oil forms a thin layer to protect you from these bites.

10. Add it in your bath

Want to condition all of your skin in one easy go? Then try adding some to your bath, it will soak into your skin both making it feel super soft as well as having a nice subtle sweet scent to make you feel relaxed. 

11. To remove makeup

If you have run out of makeup remover or simply want something totally natural then try using coconut oil to remove any makeup you may have.

12. Soothe any rashes

Have a rash or maybe your baby or child does, then with a little bit of coconut oil softly rubbed into the rash it can help soothe any irritation.

13. Get rid of head lice

Avoid using nasty chemical solutions with an all natural method, simply rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar, use a lice comb to get rid of any lice and then completely coat the head with a layer of coconut oil. Leave this on for 12-24 hours and this should have got rid of them, if not try and repeat the process once again. 

14. As an energy enhancer

More and more sports teams are using coconut oil in the diets of players as it’s believed that use over time will increase metabolic rates meaning they can tap into energy quicker than other foods. 

15.  As an after sun

The natural moisturising properties of it mean it’s perfect for rubbing on to your skin after being in the sun.

16. Naturally anti-bacterial

With a natural anti-bacterial property to it you can use it to help protect and kill bad bacteria that can cause you problems. 

17.  Gluten Free

For those who suffer from Coeliac Disease or those that wish to avoid gluten you can use coconut oil which is 100% gluten free, fantastic for all your cooking and baking needs.

18.  To help lose weight

You may see lots of claims of it helping you lose weight but they do have some basis, research and studies have shown that consuming coconut oil can help increase the good cholesterol (HDL) and this can help lead to weight loss.

19. As a pain relief

Naturally coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which means it can help pains, it has been used for many years by people who suffer inflammatory related pains including arthritis.  

20. To polish wood

Rub a little into your wood to polish it and get the look you want.

21. To help athlete’s foot

If you’re suffering from athlete’s foot then try rubbing a little bit of the oil into it to help the discomfort.

22. As a creamer in coffee

Instead of using a dairy source as a creamer why not add a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee.

23. As an alternative to WD-40

As a natural lubricant you can use where you may use WD-40, whether on a hinge or a squeaky door handle.

24. As a popcorn topper

Melt some coconut oil and then roll your freshly popped popcorn in it and finish with a fine sprinkle of salt

25. Reduce wrinkles

Rub coconut oil on to wrinkles and leave overnight and it may help reduce them.

26. As a hair or makeup brush cleaner

Rub into your hairbrush or make up brushes and you’ll find any bacteria or dirt is removed.

27. As a shoe shiner

Rub some into your leather shoes to help both make them shine and to hide any blemishes. 

So now you have 27 different uses for this superfood as we like to call it, if we’ve missed any let us know in the comments below!

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