10 Simple Tips To Detox Your Body Naturally

If you think it’s about time to detox your body, to wake up feeling fresh, to have that extra energy to get you through the day then look no further than our top 10 tips to detox your body naturally.

One of the key ideas to get to grip with is that how we feel and act when we first wake up in the morning sets the mood and tone for the rest of the day, so it’s important that you get off to your day on a good step. We all know that it can be tricky to get up in the mornings and often we end up relying on things such as caffeine or sugars once awake to help give us the energy we need but this isn’t a natural or sustained habit to get into.

Follow our simple 10 tips to help you feel great from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

1. Wake Up & Get Up

Forget hitting that snooze button, when you wake up get up straight away and have the mindset that you day is here to seize, having those extra minutes asleep or lying in bed will simply make you feel more tired, make you have to rush and often makes you go for those quick fixes such as a cup of coffee or sugary snack to keep you going. Studies have shown that the first few hours of your waking day can be the most productive so get up and make it happen.

2. Detox with Water

Forget that morning coffee, energy drink or smoothie which are often full of sugar and instead opt for drinking natures favourite, good old water. It will not only keep you hydrated but it’ll save you a fortune if you add up how much you spend on drinks throughout the year (spending just £2 per day each working day and you’ll be spending over £500 per year). 

Not a keen fan of water? Why not make a ‘detox water’ which are simply water with the addition of things such as slices of lemon, ginger, strawberries, mint etc. There are hundreds of great ideas out there but the easiest and our favourite is simple a few slices of lemon and ginger or adding mint, lime and orange.

3. Breakfast is key

In the health and clean eating world it’s often said that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and this couldn’t be more true, so don’t just grab a breakfast cereal bar as these are jam packed full of sugar but go for something healthy like a bowl of homemade porridge, muesli or our favourite Acai bowl

Carrot, Berry & Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

4. Teeth & Your Tongue

Most of us will already brush our teeth in the morning but if you don’t start doing it, but also don’t forget to scrape your tongue, many tooth brushes now feature a scraper on the back or you can buy one, it’s not recommended to scrape every day but every now and again it can be a great way to remove any bacteria that may cause bad breath or digestion issues and it can help you feel fresher and detoxed for the day ahead of you. 

5. Adding Superfoods To Your Diet

We all know to try and aim to get our 5 a day and not to eat too much fatty foods or those high in sugar but many don’t know the unique benefits that some foods have over others. There are a range of superfoods available which can be added to your diet which have lists as long as your arm of benefits. Our favourites include Acai berry, Spirulina and Maca powder

Super Six Bundle

6. The Dreaded Word – Exercise

We all know to do exercise to keep healthy but sometimes we have busy lifestyles which restrict us but there are still things you can do if you don’t have time to head down the gym. Simple changes such as opting to take the stairs over the escalator, walk to that shop a bit further round the corner, walk to your friends instead of driving, do these things every day and you’ll be adding up the energy you use. Another tip is if you work at a desk all day make sure you get up and walk around at least once every hour to get your circulation going.

If you’re tight for time then why not look into interval training, this is quick short intense burst or set of exercises, for example doing 10 sprints in the park then resting rather than an hour jog. These have been shown in many studies to burn more fat, get your fitter and help your metabolism. 

Remember any exercise is better than none, if you rarely do any then start with small exercises and build up. 

7. Try out some Yoga

If you’re feeling stressed out then many people swear by yoga as a way to relax, keep fit and to enjoy their free time, many gyms put on yoga classes and whether you’re a regular or you’ve never done it before it’s well worth adding to your weekly routine.

8. The Good Green Stuff

So you’re cutting down on coffee and other drinks but are missing something hot? Then look no further than green tea, it’s been known for years to have loads of benefits from all the antioxidants that are packed into the leaves, many people now are opting to have Matcha green tea instead which is a powder made from grinding up the leaves rather than simply putting the leaves in and taking them out. It contains lots more benefits than regular green tea as you consume all the leaf and all the antioxidants and is available here.Matcha Green Tea

9. Skin Brushing & Massage

Okay you may be like “what on earth is skin brushing” and we were the same, but after learning that a third of the toxins your body gets rid of exit via your skin we were keen to learn more. The method basically uses a brush or dry towel to move across your skin and remove any dead skin, unclogs your pores and helps to excrete any toxins that might be trapped under your skin. There are lots of guides online just have a search for ‘skin brushing’.

Massage is another method for this but also aids in our muscles and relaxation, something which is key as you’ll see in the next and final point.

10. and Relax

Number 10 is a key one, simply you need to relax. If you’ve had a stressful day at work don’t come back and put the TV on or open Facebook up straight away, instead look to relax by sitting in a quiet room and practice deep breathing for 5-10 minutes, not only will it calm your mind down but it will help oxygen move throughout your body and detoxing your blood cells. 

Have any tips that we’ve missed out? Head to the bottom of the page and add them in the comments section.

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