10 Acai Berry Smoothie Bowls You Need To Try!

Acai berry smoothie bowls are one of the most popular ways of enjoying acai berry and we’ve long been fans of these simple wonderful bowls of joy! It seems like we’re not the only ones who love them as you’ll be sure to have seen lots of people making, sharing and enjoying them! 

We’ve collected what we think our 10 of the best acai berry smoothie bowl recipes around for you to try, take inspiration from or simply to look at in awe of the beauty and colour! 

Let us know if you think we’ve missed one off the list! 

The Acai Berry Bowl of Toppings

Acai Berry Bowl Recipes

With a handful of spinach added to the mix you’ll love this smoothie bowl, not only does it look fantastic but with the addition of coconut milk it has a lovely taste to it. Just check out the comments on the recipe to see how much people love it!

  • 1 packet of frozen organic acai berry pulp
  • 2 x handfuls of spinach
  • 1 x Banana (chopped/frozen)
  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds (soak them in coconut milk)
  • Pinch of Cinnamon

These smoothie bowl is made by simply combining all ingredients minus the toppings you want to use in a blender and then blending! Simply but seriously yummy! 

View the full recipe on NutrtionalStripped

The Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Dragon Fruit Acai Smoothie Bowl

Okay so we cheated on this one as it doesn’t have acai berries in but look at the colour! We couldn’t not have this in our list as we think dragonfruit is a wonder food and we also know a little teaspoon of acai added to this recipe would make it even better!

View the full recipe on KeepInMind

Triple Berry Coconut Acai Bowl

Acai Berry Coconut BowlWe first came across this recipe by Margaret in August and had to try it just from the photos! It has most of the typical ingredients you’ll find but it’s beautifully put together and the finish of coconut flakes makes it one of our favourite go to recipes! 

  • 1 x Frozen Banana
  • 2 cups of Frozen Berries
  • ¾ – 1½ cups plain almond milk
  • 2 tsps Acai Berry Powder
  • Toppings of your choice!

Simply pop the ingredients minus the toppings and almond milk into your blender and blender, then add the almond milk and blend for another few minutes, then simply put in your favourite owls and top with your favourite toppings! In this bowl you’ll find it has toppings of kiwi, banana, raspberry, strawberry, blueberries and coconut shavings.

View the full recipe on NaturalChow

The Super Banana Green Acai  Bowl

Banana Green Acai BowlKale, Spinach, Banana and some of the more usual ingredients make from a fantastic acai bowl with that green power punch! Great for those who are wanting to add a punch to their breakfast or simply want to incorporate other items into their daily bowls. 

View the full recipe on Greatist

Very Cherry Acai Bowl

Cherry Acai Bowl
This one has the office at war, half of us love cherries and half of us are not fans and so this bowl was not to 50% of our tastes, however the 50% who did love cherries seriously enjoyed this bowl, hence why it’s made it to our top list! So if you’re a fan of these then why not make the cherry acai bowl and try it out!  

View the full recipe on Gi365

Blueberry, Spinach & Acai Crunch Bowl

Green Acai Bowl
Yummy, this was the first thought when we saw this and were quite surprised it didn’t include more greens in it due to the colour but needless to say it looks great and tastes even better! 

View the full recipe here

Beetroot, Berry & Carrot Smoothie Bowl

Carrot, Berry & Beetroot Smoothie Bowl
Fancy a bit more veg in your bowl? Well we came across this smoothie bowl and have to say if awards were made for presentation this would be walking away with them all! In this smoothie bowl you’ll find the usual suspects but also carrots, beetroot and berries, the perfect combo to make for a very nutritious snack or meal! 

View the full recipe on Fresh & Happy 

Quick & Easy Acai Bowl

Acai ideas
Another one from Kari from Gi365 and this one is called the Berry Bliss Acai Bowl! A great option for those wanting a nice quick and easy bowl which looks great and makes you want to dig into it straight away! 

View the full recipe on Gi365

Vegan Crunch Smoothie Bowl

Vegan Crunch Bowl
Okay I’ll hold my hands up, this one shouldn’t technically be on the list as the recipe in point doesn’t actually include acai berries however you can easily add a teaspoon or two of our acai berry powder to it and it’ll get all those added benefits! The vegan crunch smoothie bowl looks fantastic and has everything you need to make something truly delicious, note this may take a little longer to make than other recipes.

View the full recipe here

Matcha Mint Smoothie Bowl

Matcha Smoothie Bowl
Well we have another technically not an acai berry bowl recipe for you, this time it’s a matcha mint smoothie bowl, the deep green just makes us think we are giving our body the best possible and it tastes wonderful too. Want to still get some of the great acai berry powder in with this? Simply add a teaspoon into the blender when blending!

View the full recipe here

Have you got a recipe which is on par with these? Let us know in the comments below and if you try one of these or simply have used one of our superfoods don’t forget to take a photo and upload it to Instagram tagging us @wholelycom in it and we’ll feature the best ones! Perfect for use in acai berry bowls like these recipes, certified organic, vegan and vegetarian it’s delicious!

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